Testing Positive for HIV!

What do I do now?

Firstly don’t panic. You have taken a big first step in finding out your HIV status.

If your test result is positive, you must have your test result confirmed by a healthcare professional

HIV is a long-term, manageable condition, once diagnosed. Honestly, HIV is just three letters, not a punishment.

If you think you might be then we suggest you  get tested as early as possible because this  has two enormous benefits:

You will be able to begin treatment as soon as you require it. Although there isn’t a cure for HIV, treatments are now so superior that in the UK, with proper treatment at the best time, you can live a normal, active and healthy life and have an average life expectancy

Early diagnosis is important – the longer HIV goes diagnosed, the more harm it will do to your body.

The prescription medications that are available block the infection from multiplying and limit the damage to your immune system.

HIV is usually passed on during unsafe sex (vaginal or anal sex without a condom). Condoms are proven to prevent HIV transmission.

It is imperative you use condoms as having unprotected sex will put yourself and others at risk

If you test positive for  HIV, this means you have the virus within your body – it doesn’t imply you have aids and are now critically ill. All you have is the visit, not AIDS.

AIDS is an advanced stage of HIV infection and only occurs after somebody goes a long time without medication. Not having medication for HIV infection eventually weakens the immune system and a person cannot fight even the most persistent illnesses.