Welcome to Infection Free LGBTers

This website has been created by Gay people who understand how exactly what it’s like to live and breathe gay life in London. It’s certainly changes over the years and not for the better.

We’ve been to house parties, we’ve been un and down emotionally; we’ve seen friends change because the scene has forced it upon them. We’ve had many a night with Grindr taking over the night, morning and night again. We understand that within the gay scene especially, staying STD free isn’t easy at all. we only need to look at each other and we’re back to the gum clinic (the good ones) for another long day waiting for our names to be called.

We can’t help who we are nor can be change how the scene has become. We have no choice but to accept it and what it has don’t to many good people. we know that many people don’t get tested because they can’t be bothered, are too busy to go every other week, don’t think they have broken the rules, are too stressed, or are in the closet and don’t want to talk about it.

Right now, STDs are on the increase and we need to look out for each other. If you have sex often or haven’t been tested in a while, then you could have an STI; such as chlamydia (no symptoms) and all you are doing by not getting checked is passing it on to everyone you sleep with. Even if you use condoms you are still putting your partners at risk. All you are doing is allowing STDs to spread and become stronger.

Due to this very reason, we now have a strain of gonorrhoea that is resistant to to all antibiotics Download Report here: gonnorrhoea-resitance-report  With all this in mind we encourage you to get tested and help us gain control of the battle we are current losing. We urge you to select one of the testing methods listed within the LGBT menu.

Testing Options

Search for your nearest Gum clinic

Request a free STD test


Buy Rapid STD testing kits 

We have teamed up with a global STD Kit producer and have negotiated rates that allow us to provide you with a cost-effective way to get tested without braking the bank. We are providing Rapid Testing Kits for all major STDs. (all kits are CE approved and have been tested for quality)

You will have all the options to suit the type of person you are and how you want to go about the tests. Go for it.

Even if you are not sure please you get tested to be sure. Note: We are not promoting the sale of the rapid tests over the use of a GUM. We already know many people don’t and will not go for the reason listed above.

We are offering an immediate alternative to overcome the issue. When you Test: You will have all the information you need to support you during the test should you test positive and need to talk to someone. Doing the test at home means you don’t have the face to face support should you need it. If you have regular sex, we recommend you purchase a test pack to cover yourself going forward; again, these will be much cheaper than kits currently on sale and advertised via google etc. Thank You The Infection-Free Group